Utility Data Simplified

The Urjanet platform automatically aggregates the utility data you need from our growing network of more than 5,000 utility providers. Just connect your online utility credentials to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform and utility bill data and interval data is automatically collected by our cloud-based, intelligent technology and made available on-demand or through a scheduled data delivery.

Our Utility Data Platform Powers:

Urjanet’s intelligent, automated platform retrieves, normalizes, and delivers all data points from your utility bills so you can focus on what you do best: analyzing Energy use and identifying savings potential.

“Right off the bat, we found $4,000 in rate savings by moving a handful of accounts to an alternate rate. Now extend that kind of scrutiny across all utilities, and you are looking at substantial cost savings potential.”

Robert Fairey

Sr. Director of Energy Procurement and Waste Diversion

Cox Enterprises

Our network of more than 5,000 utility providers enables expense management and accounting departments to streamline bill processing, avoid late fees, and reduce costs. Simplify your utility bill management and bill pay with the Urjanet Utility Data Platform.

“I would hands down recommend Urjanet to anyone searching for a utility data solution.”

Rob McConnell

SVP Product Design & Architecture


Urjanet provides a single source of automated utility bill and interval data for thousands of locations. We harness utility data to power sustainability software and propel your sustainability program to success.

“It’s through a cost-effective and scalable solution like Urjanet that we can provide actionable information to our customers.”

Chris Happ



Urjanet’s Automated Utility Data Platform securely captures customer utility credentials and provides you with a complete energy use picture. Target the right prospects, tailor your value proposition, and accelerate your sales cycle.

“By enabling faster and more accurate ROI forecasts, utility data could play a valuable role in empowering more widespread solar adoption and accelerating healthy industry growth.”

John Gingrich

SVP of Strategic Partnerships


Urjanet’s network of more than 5,000 utility providers gives you access to the right data to produce more accurate credit scores, verify borrower identity, reduce decline traffic, and extend credit to untapped markets.

“Without this kind of capability, we would always be a very tiny, boutique credit bureau. Now with Urjanet, we can scale to serve millions and millions of consumers."

Steve Ely



Urjanet connects to over 2,500 utility suppliers across North America to automate invoices for electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, cable, water, and waste for AP Automation.

“Invoices that avoid human intervention speed through the receipt, approval, and payment processes enabling organizations to improve efficiencies, lower costs, and open opportunities to impact working capital management."

Ardent Partners

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