Utility Data Simplified

The Urjanet platform automatically aggregates the utility data you need from our growing network of more than 5,000 utility providers. Just connect your online utility credentials to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform and utility bill data and interval data is automatically collected by our cloud-based, intelligent technology and made available on-demand or through a scheduled data delivery.

Energy Procurement

Urjanet provides automated access to utility bill and interval data from more than 5,000 utilities worldwide. Make confident energy decisions for the present and future with utility data for energy procurement.

"Renewable energy projects like solar are a key component of the Cox Conserves program, helping us offset more than 102,360 tons of carbon since 2007. Urjanet Utility Data has been a critical tool to pinpoint the highest priority sites for installation and to see the impact of our investments year over year."

Keith Mask

VP of Environmental Sustainability

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