Utility Data Simplified

Global access to data from thousands of utilities, telecom, and cable providers now available through a single platform to support credit risk decisioning and identity verification.

Our Utility Data Platform Powers:

Urjanet Utility Data for Credit Risk Decisioning provides user-permissioned access to payment history and identity information from more than 1,300 utility and telecom providers across the globe, enabling you to advance your risk models with up to seven additional tradelines.

“Without this kind of capability, we would always be a very tiny, boutique credit bureau. Now with Urjanet, we can scale to serve millions and millions of consumers."

Steve Ely



Urjanet Utility Data for Identity and Address Verification provides proof of name and address through automated, user-permissioned access to direct-from-source utility bill data from more than 2,300 utility and telecom providers worldwide.

“Urjanet’s platform presents a promising solution to securely and reliably shed light on verified applicants and help fintechs and lenders grow their business.”

Travis Jarae

Founder & CEO

One World Identity

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