Utility Data Simplified

The Urjanet platform automatically aggregates the utility data you need from our growing network of more than 9,000 utility providers. Just connect your online utility credentials to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform and utility bill data and interval data is automatically collected by our cloud-based, intelligent technology and made available on-demand or through a scheduled data delivery.

Energy Management

Urjanet provides automated access to utility bill and interval data from more than 9,000 utilities worldwide. Achieve savings, meet data-driven efficiency goals, and drive detailed reporting with automated utility data for energy management.

“Right off the bat, we found $4,000 in rate savings by moving a handful of accounts to an alternate rate. Now extend that kind of scrutiny across all utilities, and you are looking at substantial cost savings potential.”

Robert Fairey

Sr. Director of Energy Procurement and Waste Diversion

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