Utility Invoice Automation

Capture and extract recurring utility invoice data through a direct connection to utility and telecom suppliers. WIth Urjanet’s cloud-based technology, machine-readable utility invoice data is automatically delivered month-after-month, ready to be uploaded into your AP Automation system - no human intervention required.

Process more invoices - Lower costs

Eliminate tedious utility invoice data collection for your customers and increase your processing volume by automating invoice data capture. Dramatically improve your internal efficiency by replacing OCR and manual data entry with a fully automated solution for capturing electricity, natural gas, telecom, water and waste invoice data.

“Urjanet excels in the depth and breadth of its utility and telecomm invoice automation capabilities. Its solutions enable direct connections to thousands of service providers eliminating the need for businesses to manually handle and process paper and PDF invoices. It is noted for its innovative approach to addressing a problem that has dogged organizations for years.“ "

Bob Cohen

Vice President of Research
Ardent Partners

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